Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Heeeeey everyone wellll after a long looooong week and weekend of working and planning for my dads surprise retirement party and my parents anniversary I'm finally getting some relaxing time in (well as much as the Stephens household can ever have anyways lol) but its all over and it all turned out wonderful! yay! My dad was soooo surprised and we were able to even get some of his old time work buddies to come which shocked him even more!! score!!!;) God is so awesome He has truly blessed me with such wonderful, dedicated,and godly parents and a whole ton of great friends!It was nice to give back to my parents for a change!! I'm glad it was all a success!

My bud Travis I recruited him to help!!

Poor daddy had to work for his own party and didn't know it! lol

After a loooong day of work!

My partner in crime and planning!!

Yes we did have other food but we were very proud of this table! lol
D.J. aka Grill Man!

My Dad and I!!

Mum, Aunt Netty, and I!

Lesha and one of her creations!!

It's all over!!!

Grill Man burned out!

Daddy and his favorite girls!!!(my sister is such a ham)lol

Mum and Dad 23 years! woo hoo!!!!


Kim said...

Happy Anniversary Warren and LaNell! and Congratulations on the retirement Warren! I love you guys and miss you! oh by the way, Hi, Kendra :)

Kendra said...

Ha ha ha Hi Kimmy!!!!! thank you we miss and love you bunches too!!! xoxox

Jana McVay said...

UMMMM...Just where was my invitation to this shindig??????? I mean, we ARE family, RIGHT???

Glad you were able to surprise your Dad and that the party was a success.

Love ya!!

Kendra said...

awww im sorry honestly it was kind of a last minute idea some of my friends and i had!! i know i know im bad i totally forgot to ask any of the family!! its ok u can never let me live that one down!! I do love you guys promise!!!!!!!!!! ;)