Friday, August 22, 2008

So I finally found time to sit down and write on this thing wow its been a month! In case you were wondering YES!! I have fallen off the face of the earth!! lol No I'm in school double full time now so between that work and church I have absolutely no clue what free time is anymore!! ha ha I guess it doesn't help that I must have been crazy in the head the day i signed up for classes i must have signed up for all the hardest classes I could find! But I'm not complaining I'm getting a lot done this semester and it will definitely pay off!!! oooo I am so excited fall is here!!! I love it! Its getting cooler and you get to drink peppermint hot chocolate and lattes and you get to bundle all up!!! mmm yay! I had some free time today between classes and I just sat outside and I was totally enjoying the weather and having one of my little talks with God he is so wonderful we are definitely a blessed people! oh that's another thing that has been so awesome! With school comes so many opportunity's to share what we have with others Ive especially been getting to know a lot of people in my critical thinking class some really touchy subjects come up and its neat what people let out when they let their guard down!! Bottom line I have seen all of them are hurting and long for a love that is real!!! Its crazy when I look and see how much I take for granted how much I have! God has really put a burden in my heart to see the lost saved and make a difference this semester!! When i really look at in perspective all this tiring schedule this semester doesn't matter because it gives me an opportunity to share what i have and that in itself keeps me focused and motivated!! OK so Ive rambled on i think i will stop for now! goodnight! God bless!!!


Jana McVay said...

I am in the same boat! And isn't it awesome to know that God is going to use us to reach someone during allllll the chaos in our lives? I met a young lady on Wednesday who has a background in Pentecost. She is the reason I am in that class this semester! And I am continuing to reach for others God has placed in my life through school!

Go girl...and don't hesitate to step right up and share the love of God with those classmates who are hurting!!! I'll be praying for you! Do the same for me, k?


Kendra said...

Hey girly yes isnt it way crazy awesome how God is like that!!! aww thanks im praying for you too!!!! ;) love ya!!

Chris Sindle said...

HEY! I just cam across your blog!

How have you been??? Its been forever since we all hung out! I like your blog!

Talk to you soon!

Kendra said...

Heeey stranger! good just busy busy! I know seriously its been awhile!! thanks ha ha i havent really kept up on it though i barely ever post anything! good hearing from you!!

*~Katelynn~* said...

Hey Kendra! :) I'm sorry!! I honestly didn't think to call...I know, that sounds horrible. We didn't really know until the last minute, it was al l done super fast. Uncle Greg didn't show up...can u believe that?? How he could do that to Michael is beyond me. I'm sorry that I (or anyone else) didn't call u! Forgive me?! Love you!