Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prayer Request!!!

To all my dear wonderful friends and family I have a prayer request!! ok so i have been working on getting my manager to come to church with me and there has been a few times when we have had some really intense conversations!! but lately hes been asking a lot of questions and i think he is really really close to coming ssooooo i request that you guys please pray that he does!!! he needs God so much and hes pretty open just has some things to work out i think before he makes the decision to come!! thanks bunches love you all!!!! oh and his name is Dave!


Jana McVay said...

We will put in a prayer request tomorrow during both services and will be praying that Dave goes to church with and gets a revelation of the One True and Living God!!!! You go girl, keep reaching for him and praying that God will use you to win him!!!

Love ya, Oh, and glad you posted again....FINALLY!!! Hey, check out the pictures of my kiddos and Mark and I at

Kendra said...

THAAANNNK YOU sooo much!! I really appreciate it!!! yeah ha ha i know i need to get better at posting!!! ok ill do that! love ya bunches!!! ;)